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ZSK E-Tex Board, Pre-Programmed


Introducing the ZSK E-Tex Board - a powerful microcontroller board that opens up a world of possibilities for creating cutting-edge Smart Textiles. It features a carefully crafted geometry and layout, developed especially for reliable integration with the ZSK embroidery machines.


With its Microchip® SAMD21 microcontroller and periferal components, the ZSK E-Tex Board allows you to connect multiple capacitive touch sensors and LEDs, such as the ZSK LED Sequin, directly to the board without the need for additional circuitry. 20 GPIO pins provide you with the flexibility to program and customize the PCB to suit the unique requirements of your project.


If you want to use the board for some of the ZSK Smart Textiles applications, we recommend a ZSK E-Tex board that is pre-programmed with the application-specific firmware. Simply contact us and let us know your desired application.

If you need the board for a custom project or wish to have more flexibility, we recommend a blank ZSK E-Tex Board that you can program yourself.

Don't have programming experience? No worries! Contact us and our skilled engineers can develop custom firmware for your specific application, so you can bring your unique ideas to life with ease.


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