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Product information "KIT MOSS ELECTRODES R33/10"

Development Kit Moss Electrodes, 9 PCS, R33/10


Add sensing functionality to your Smart Textiles: capacitive touch sensors or biomedical electrodes – moss-embroidered electrodes provide a whole range of possibilities!

This development kit contains 9 moss-embroidered electrodes in three different sizes. This allows you to quickly and reliably test the function of the electrodes in specific applications. Each electrode has an additional embroidered area to facilitate the connection to your electronic equipment e.g. by means of conductive snap fasteners.

Traditional electrodes rely on a conductive gel to minimize the skin-to-electrode resistance. However, the gel dries over time and can cause skin irritations which makes gel-electrodes unsuitable for long-term applications. Conventional dry electrodes are mostly rigid and flat and only offer punctual contact to the skin. Moss-embroidered electrodes, on the other hand, are soft and flexible and adapt to the skin relief when pressed against the body, ensuring low skin-to-electrode resistance without the need of conductive gel.

Due to their softness, embroidered electrodes are basically unnoticeable for the subject. This makes them suitable for various applications in the fields of personal healthcare and fitness. Moss-embroidered electrodes can be used not only for short and long-term biosignal acquisition (ECG, EMG, EEG) but are also preferred for electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) therapy.

You are not sure which material is best suited for your application or wish a different electrode geometry – simply contact us and let our competent experts guide you through the development process.

Technical Specifications:

-          Geometry:

Round, with an embroidered connection area

-          Haptic:


-          Dimensions:

3 x ⌀20 mm

3 x ⌀43 mm

3 x ⌀65 mm

-          Material:

STATEX Shieldex® 33/10 dtex Z turns


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