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Starter Kit Conductive Yarn K-Head


Looking to experiment with moss or chain stitch embroidery with conductive threads? Our Starter Kit Conductive Yarn K-Head contains a spool of conductive thread, optimal for embroidery with ZSK’s K-Head, as well as a test embroidery file to get you started. Save yourself the hassle of searching for the right material and contacting different providers, as we have already carefully selected the best conductive yarn for you.

Our Starter Kit Conductive Yarn K-Head includes:

  • 1 Spool Madeira HC 12 (1000 m)
  • Embroidery Test File: Moss Embroidered Electrode for F- & K-Head

Note: Conductive Yarn for F-Head is not part of delivery. For embroidery with the F-Head check our Starter Kit Conductive Yarn F-Head.

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