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Product information "ZSK EMBROIDERED PIANO"

Embroidered Piano


Ever played music on a piece of fabric? The Embroidered Piano makes this possible. The piano features eight keys that are embroidered with conductive thread, which are then connected to an Adafruit Circuit Playground board. Simply touch a key with your finger, and the Adafruit board will play the corresponding musical tone through its onboard mini speaker, while also flashing LEDs in a matching color. You can see how this demonstrator works in action in this video.

The piano keys and the conductive paths which connect them to the circuit board are embroidered fully automatically by a ZSK embroidery machine. The paths are then covered with non-conductive embroidery thread for protection against mechanical stress and to enhance the overall design with color matching the fabric.

The Embroidered Piano comes with a USB cable for easy power supply from your power bank or notebook.

And if you're feeling adventurous, you can also get the DIY kit and try embroidering the piano yourself! The kit includes everything you need to create your own unique design and experience the joy of playing music on fabric.

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