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Product information "ZSK SMART DASHBOARD"

ZSK Smart Dashboard


Want to control the brightness of the lights in a car by wiping your fingers across the leather armrest, or adjust your car seat by touching embroidered switches that blend with the interior? All this is now possible!

Our Smart Dashboard demonstrates on a small scale how our capacitive touch technology enables touch registration even through thick dielectric materials, and allows a perfect combination between functionality and design.  

The dashboard has three embroidered touch sensors, one embroidered touch slider and six ZSK LED sequins, all controlled by a ZSK E-Tex board

The touch sensors, the LED sequins and the connections to the controller board can be realized fully automatically with a ZSK embroidery machine. 

See how the demonstrator works in this video.

Dimensions: approx. 43 cm x 37 cm 

Power supply: Micro USB 

Have we aroused your interest in our technology? Then take a look at our Touch Demonstrator video. We are looking forward to your visit.


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